Express RichmondHow to Get a Card

Customers can pick up a loyalty card from any participating Open Road Rewards location. Click on the Locations tab above to see where rewards can be earned!

Earn & Build Up Rewards

Customers can choose to either redeem rewards as they are earned or can accumulate rewards on their card until they have reached a desired amount for redemption. For example, a customer can purchase a cup of coffee ($.01 per gallon rewards) every morning for 15 days and accumulate $.15 per gallon for redemption at the pump.

Redeem Rewards

Customers have 90 days from the date of each issued rewards to process redemption at the pump or inside at the register. In order to redeem rewards, a customer must swipe their loyalty card either at the pump or inside at the register when prompted. When prompted for the card please swipe, you will then be given the option to redeem current available rewards at that time or you can continue to stack rewards until you are ready to redeem for your fuel purchase.

Have any Questions?

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Member support phone: 920-730-4258
Member support hours: 8am - 5pm